Think of speaking your voice on audio. And most would think of Clubhouse, a social audio app that allows conversation between people in a room and you can’t record the conversation. And when you are looking for ways to get a richer life experience than sharing/listening to your nuggets over audio (and you would come across podcasting as a buzzword if it is your first time). 

If anyone is not familiar with what podcasting is, Wikipedia defines it as" radio on demand." It is a prerecorded audio program published on the website and available for download on personal computers or mobile devices to listen when the listener wishes.

There are major differences between podcasts and Clubhouse in this context. Podcasts are on-demand, whereas Clubhouse is live social audio. It's an important difference: Podcasts can be scripted and highly-produced, whereas Clubhouse is closer to a live radio show

What is podcast marketing? 

Bcastfm also shared more insight on What is Podcast Marketing. 

Resources for Podcasting. 

Recording and Mixing 


-Anchor. FM

-Riverside.FM, Alitu, Kapwing

-Zoom (not recommended for intermediate and advanced level podcaster) 

Copyright music to be inserted into intro and outro music

Podcasting Hosting 



-Lister (also have to convert text to audio)

Cover Artwork:

-Canva or Getstencil. Recommended minimum pixel size of 1400 x 1400 or max 3000 to 3000. Below is an upcoming episode artwork proposed.